May Day Message from the President of the Ecowas Bank for Investment and Development(EBID) – May 1, 2022

May Day Message from the President of the Ecowas Bank for Investment and Development(EBID) – May 1, 2022

The commemoration of May Day, also known as International Workers Day, gives us all the opportunity to honour and recognise the momentous role of workers and organised labour movements across the globe in their quest to deliver optimum productivity whiles ensuring the provision of motivating working conditions. It is apt therefore that the International Labour Organisation (ILO) dubbed this as a “World Day for Safety and Health at Work”, encouraging all partners to act together to build a positive, safe, and healthy culture at our workplace on the diminishing throes of COVID 19, which brought in its wake unforeseen health and safety risks which have had the single most impactful that this generation has seen.

We have all learned the importance of health and safety at our workplace as our annual screenings of all staff have given rise to early detection and management of avoidable health risks. Additionally, consistent and diligent maintenance of hygiene standards in our workplace has also resulted in an enviable work environment.

As we emerge from the pandemic, I would encourage a focus on not only the obvious health and safety issues but also on mental health of workers which tends to be neglected. Mental health focuses on our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. There are many who suffer in silence due to the lack of awareness in this area of occupational health because of various traumas and the stress of life which without taking necessary precautions including rest and exercise can lead to mental breakdown and other illnesses. This year I am calling for increased attention on mental health for a more efficient workforce.

At EBID, the performance of staff in the wake of the difficulties of the pandemic was remarkable. The innovation, team effort and diligence during this period have  significantly improved the fortunes and prospects of the Bank in the year 2021. Moody’s, recognizing these efforts, upgraded our outlook to stable from negative and affirmed the B2 long-term issuer rating in 2021, while Fitchrating upgraded our long-term issuer default rating (IDR) from negative to stable only last month. We are not yet where we would like to be, however but I have complete confidence that we will excel and prosper as a team.

I encourage us all not to lose sight of the Bank’s mandate of fostering economic development and poverty alleviation by providing financing for critical development projects within the subregion. Let us recognize workers and staff whose efforts are critical but remain unseen and sometimes unappreciated. Let us all be mindful that we, as EBID staff and stakeholders, hold the destiny of Member States in our hands. Let us continue to be results-oriented, diligent, and passionate in the execution of our mandate.

We must break the hold of underdevelopment and Transform our ECOWAS Communities. We can do this as a motivated, healthy and determined team of indefatigable professionals.

Thank you once again for your meritorious commitment over the years, and I wish you all a Happy and Fulfilling May Day 2022.

Long live all Workers World Wide!

God bless us all!

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