Macroeconomic and Developmental Indicators

Sectors driving growth

Orientation of EBID interventions in Senegal for the period 2021-2025

In view of the foregoing, EBID may orient its interventions in Togo towards public and private projects that fall within the areas and sectors of growth in Togo namely:

  • agro-industrial projects for the processing of manioc, cotton, rice, etc. ;
  • industrial mining projects;
  • projects for the provision of maritime services and logistics;
  • projects related to new information and communication technologies;
  • infrastructure projects (roads, railways, schools, hospitals, sanitation, water and energy);
  • trade finance;
  • tourism projects such as hotel construction, rehabilitation of tourist sites; and
  • projects of a craft nature.

Expected impacts of EBID’s intervention in Togo

EBID intends to have an impact on the Togolese economy by contributing to the achievement of its emergence, in a logic of job creation and more inclusive growth, with a better redistribution of the fruits of growth, especially to the disadvantaged social strata. Through its interventions in Côte d’Ivoire, EBID also intends to improve its performance.  

EBID Country Strategy

The ECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development (EBID) country strategy for Togo was prepared with the objective of supporting the Togolese government and private sector through the financing of projects in priority sectors. Togo is one of the rare EBID member countries which has always honoured all its commitments to subscribe to EBID’s capital. It is therefore one of the countries that EBID intends to help greatly.

Togo’s real GDP growth rate was 5.3% in 2019. In terms of sectoral participation in wealth creation in the Togolese economy over the last decade, it emerges that the service sector participates on average in 52% of GDP, followed by the agricultural sector with a participation of 29% of GDP and the industrial sector which contributes 19% of GDP.

Togo is a good reformer according to the Doing Business ranking, which has earned the country the 48th place in the world on the criteria for obtaining credit.

Togo’s current strategic framework is guided by the three axes of the National Development Plan (NDP) 2018-2022. The first axis is oriented towards logistics and the creation of a business centre, the second axis focuses on agropoles and processing industries and the third axis is oriented towards social and inclusion.

Togo has enormous potential in agri-food processing, in the establishment of mining and processing industries, particularly phosphate, and in the development of services linked to the blue economy.

EBID can thus assist Togo in the financing of public and/or private sector projects oriented towards: agro-industry; establishment of processing industries, particularly phosphate; services related to the blue economy; construction of infrastructure (roads, energy, hospitals, social housing), etc.

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