Welcome to the RENDEZ-VOUS, a Newsletter of the ECOWAS Bank for lnvestment and Development (EBlD). As the name implies, we will be meeting our stakeholders on a quarterly basis via this forum to affirm the Bank s commitment to transforming our communities through the financing of projects under its private and public sector windows to achieve a restored, enabled, and resilient ECOWAS.

ln this edition and subsequent volumes, readers will be presented with updates on the activities of the Bank, Member States, trends in the ECOWAS development environment, conferences and seminars, and general information and opinions from key economic sectors and industry players.

On behalf of the President of EBlD, Dr. George Agyekum Donkor, l invite you to a quarterly RENDEZ-VOUS as we endeavor to chart a clear path to actualize the vision of “poverty alleviation, wealth creation and job promotion for the well-being of the people of the Region”.

Angelo Dadzie

Supervisor, Communication and External Relation


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