At a time of debate on the globalisation of economies, including the current crises and issues relating to financing for the development of the countries of the South, the role of Development Finance Institutions is more acute than ever.

Indeed, this topic is even more relevant given the financial environment where it is difficult for sovereign states and private sector entities to access affordable financing for development projects.

This edition highlights EBID’s role and impact as a Development Finance Institution in promoting growth in West Africa. The Bank continues to play its part in the sustainable development ecosystem by supporting projects in both the private and public sectors and by remaining faithful to its mandate to promote economic and social development in the ECOWAS region through investments and strategic partnerships.

While pursuing our journey towards a common goal which is the socio-economic development of the West African sub-region through the transformation of the Community, we remain convinced of the importance of working together for an economically strong, industrialised and prosperous West Africa.

We would like to reiterate our commitment through this newsletter to share with you our journey towards a transformed ECOWAS.

Head of Communication and External Relations Unit

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