The year 2023 tested the Bank socially and economically. Despite all the hardships, EBID strengthened its impact on ECOWAS Communities, while gaining recognition from its technical and financial partners.

EBID continues to be a leader in the financing of infrastructure, regional integration and development projects in the public and private sectors and has invested nearly US$4 billion to lay the foundation for sustainable development of ECOWAS Member States.

The year 2024, like 2023, already looks to be a year of challenges given the need to revive the economic activity within the Member States and to support their growing financing needs. Given the importance of the resources required for any financing need, attracting non-regional investors to diversify and improve the quality of EBID’s shareholding is key.

EBID wishes you a blessed and fruitful year and maintains its commitment through this newsletter to implement its transformative agenda towards a Restored, Enabled and Resilient ECOWAS for the well-being of the Communities.

Head of Communication and External Relations Unit

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