Manzamesso Charles TCHALLA-PALI

Director of private sector operations department

Mr. Manzamesso Charles TCHALLA-PALI was appointed Director of private sector operations of the ECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development in April 2015.

He joined the Bank in February 2001 and has served as Loan Administration Officer,  Investments Officer in the Energy and Industry Division, Head of Portfolio Development Division Head of Financial Engineering and Assistance to SMEs Division.

Prior to joining the Bank Mr. TCHALLA-PALI served as Research Officer in the Department of Economic Affairs at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs of Togo from 1997 to 2001 after having served as Projects’ Financial Analyst at Groupe Industrie-Commerce-Agrochimie (ICA).

Mr. TCHALLA-PALI holds an MBA in Corporate Finance from the Braniff Business School, University of Dallas, Texas, USA and a Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance) from l’Institut franco-américain de management (IFAM), Paris.

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